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Meet the game-changer: BIS 2024

Unlike other studies that focus on proxies such as trust, quality or image, the Brand Indicator Study (BIS) focuses on the essentials of brand success: is it relevant and are people emotionally connected to it.

Anticipating what's next

BIS guides you towards the future by connecting public opinion with the thoughts of influential leaders. Explore the competitive scene to understand where your brand stands. Analyze your audience closely to gain clear insights. Enhance your understanding by considering the unique viewpoints of IOLs (Influential Opinion Leaders).


Classification of brands on the Brand Indicator Matrix

More from the creators of the BIS

Issues Monitor Switzerland

Against the backdrop of the current major challenges facing politics, business and society, the Swiss Issue Monitor was created as part of the brand study Brand Indicator Switzerland (BIS).

The goal of the study: To get to the bottom of what the population the population and thus provide meaningful indicators for agenda setting.

Economic Monitor Switzerland

Business scandals such as the demise of Credit Suisse or bonus excesses have repeatedly dominated the headlines. What is the actual status of confidence and sympathy in the Swiss economy? A simple question that, surprisingly, has not yet been answered.

The Economic Monitor aims to change this. The Economic Monitor is the first accessible survey of its kind with a population survey on confidence and sympathy for the Swiss economy.

Media Releases

Below you will find the published media releases for the BIS 2024, the Swiss Worry Monitor as well as for the Swiss Economic Monitor. These are available only in German and French.


Your dedicated BIS 2024 session

Explore the depths of our study to uncover valuable findings that set your brand apart. Secure a decisive edge over others by receiving a personalized presentation of the BIS study results. Access tailor-made recommendations crafted exclusively for your brand's success by signing up below.

The team behind Brand Indicator Switzerland

BODIN_Logo_online_rgb.png is an international boutique for strategy, branding and creative leadership. Located in a factory in Zurich’s Seefeld and wherever clients demand passion, experience and excellence. 
Its founder Frank Bodin has has received countless awards from all major competitions worldwide and was Advertiser of the Year. 



The owner-managed communications agency with its focus on public affairs and public relations connects people with ideas at the interface of business, politics and society. Together with our clients, we develop interdisciplinary customized communication solutions with analysis, strategy, implementation and visual impact and are proactive towards technological trends.



Converto empowers advertisers to attain their marketing goals through creative individualization. Utilizing our proprietary advertising technology, we craft sophisticated campaigns that seamlessly integrate industry expertise with innovative solutions. Whether it's the fusion of online with offline, hyperlocal dynamic advertising, or cutting-edge augmented reality marketing, we cater to the diverse needs of both agencies and advertisers.



For the first time, Deeptrue offers insights and data about consumers and customers in a fully digitized form. The SaaS platform offers maximum convenience for every use case. Best practices and excellence are built into the globally deployable platform. Within 72 hours, you get relevant decision-making for your business at a low financial cost.

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