The first study to measure future brand success involving the population and influencers.

Brand performance revisited

Welcome to Brand Indicator Switzerland, a new way to measure and predict the success of national and global brands in the marketplace. Our unique methodology is built on the predictive insights of social influencers who are often significantly ahead of the trend curve. Our model allows brands to evaluate their current and expected future perceived relevance and the degree to which they succeed in creating meaningful emotional connections with consumers.


By benchmarking the social influencer views against the opinions and sentiments of the general population our framework will uncover meaningful gaps and red flags, indicate areas for improvement, and help shape a brand’s strategies and tactics.

The BIS Formula: Relevance + Emotion = Future

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Discover BIS 2021

Recognizing the top brands of the future

We are very proud to announce that the results of BIS 2021 are ready. With additional topics covered, more than 280 brands evaluated, over 300 influencer participations, and 1.600 consumer surveys conducted, BIS 2021 is set to reveal even more insights about brands and what lies behind their success.  

Please find below the summary of the BIS 2021 edition with some of the most relevant insights as well as the press release of this year's launch event. If you have any questions or are interested in a customized deep dive of your brand's results, feel free to reach out to our team anytime.


Previous Editions

If you have missed the chance to get a glimpse on our previous edition, we have prepared an exclusive insider look below!

Founders of BIS



We are the partner of choice for leading brands active in the Swiss market and looking to power up their brand through the of social influence and community based marketing. Our dedicated team delivers creative concepts, strategic solutions and memorable campaigns for all industries.


Frank Bodin -

Frank Bodin is the founder of, an international team for strategy, branding and creative advertising/content with digital intelligence. Located in a factory in Zurich’s Seefeld and wherever clients demand passion, experience and excellence. He has received innumerable awards worldwide and was named Advertiser of the Year.



For the first time deeptrue provides insights and data on consumers and customers in a fully digitalized form. The SaaS platform offers maximum convenience for every usecase. Best practice and excellence are built into the globally usable platform. Within 72 hours you receive relevant decision bases for your business at a modest financial expenditure.



furrerhugi is an owner-managed Swiss agency and has been a leading partner for public affairs and public relations since 2006.

We work with our clients to deliver customised communication solutions including analysis, strategy, implementation and visual impact on an interdisciplinary basis and are proactive with regard to technological trends.  


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BIS 2021 involved over 280 brands to be evaluated on sentiment and relevance by both social influencers and consumers alike. Are you one of them and want to find out more about your performance?

Or perhaps you are interested to have your brand to included in the next edition? 

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