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The unique brand study that also looks into the future. So that brand managers make the right decisions

About BIS

Your indicator for future brand success

Three points distinguish the "Brand Indicator Switzerland" (BIS) from conventional brand studies and make it a unique tool for brand managers:

  1. While many studies examine parameters such as trust, quality or image, BIS measures the factors that are crucial to brand success: a) relevance (how important the brand is or will be in life) and b) emotionality (how strong the emotional connection consumers have with the brand).

  2. BIS reveals a view into the future of brands and industries. This by contrasting the opinion of the population as a whole, with the viewpoint of opinion leaders and influencers. Because the latter are often ahead of the curve and constantly influence their followers, the opinion of opinion leaders is a good indicator for predicting the future success and appeal of brands.

  3. The results can be used to derive concrete recommendations for action in marketing and communications. The aim of the BIS is to provide brand managers with a tool for making the right decisions.


Discover the BIS 2023

We are proud to present the results of the BIS 2023. With an additional survey on topical issues, with over 620 brands assessed, with over 2,200 consumer surveys conducted and around 300 of them opinion leaders, the BIS 2023 will provide more insights about brands and their success than ever before.  

Below is a summary of the BIS 2023 with some excerpts and findings, as well as the press release. If you have any questions or are interested in an individual analysis of your brand, please feel free to contact us at any time using the contact form.


Against the backdrop of the many challenges currently facing politics, the economy and society, the Brand Indicator Switzerland (BIS) and society, the Brand Indicator Switzerland (BIS) brand study has produced the the Problem Indicator Switzerland was developed for the first time. The aim: to get a closer look at what is currently causing the population the most headaches, what is currently causing them the most headaches.


Your personal BIS presentation 2023

Do you want to know how relevant and how popular your brand is? Would you like to know where your brand stands in relation to your competitors? Would you like to get an impression of where your brand is heading?


We will be happy to present you a detailed analysis with a wide variety of segmentations (age, gender, language region, city/state, etc.).

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The team behind Brand Indicator Switzerland

BODIN_Icon_rgb.png is an international boutique for strategy, branding and creative leadership. Located in a factory in Zurich’s Seefeld and wherever clients demand passion, experience and excellence. 
Its founder Frank Bodin has has received countless awards from all major competitions worldwide and was Advertiser of the Year. 



The owner-managed communications agency with its focus on public affairs and public relations connects people with ideas at the interface of business, politics and society. Together with our clients, we develop interdisciplinary customized communication solutions with analysis, strategy, implementation and visual impact and are proactive towards technological trends.



Founded in 2000, PRfact is one of the leading public relations agencies in Switzerland. Committed to the vision "we create impact and stand out", the agency sets the highest standards in the development, planning and implementation of cross-media and surprising marketing communications solutions based on integrated storytelling with a special focus on sustainability.



For the first time, Deeptrue offers insights and data about consumers and customers in a fully digitized form. The SaaS platform offers maximum convenience for every use case. Best practices and excellence are built into the globally deployable platform. Within 72 hours, you get relevant decision-making for your business at a low financial cost.

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